The Legacy Campaign

Honor His Past. Build Our Future.


Honoring the Legacy

Rav Binyamin’s leadership, strength, ahavas haTorah and ahavas Hashem left an indelible impact on generations of people throughout the Five Towns and Klal Yisrael.

He was a true pioneer, devoting every moment of his life to helping and improving the lives of others.

While his presence is sorely missed, his legacy lives on, through the institutions he built and the community he nurtured.

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About the Campaign

The Yeshiva of South Shore was Rav Binyamin’s labor of love and the centerpiece of his vision. It is the makom Torah in which he inspired generations of students. Our building – the same one that he built in 1964 – is beginning to show the strains of the many years of learning that have taken place within its walls.

The Yeshiva will soon be commemorating Rav Binyamin’s first yahrtzheit. As part of our commitment to honoring his memory, we have embarked on an ambitious campaign to update, refurbish and expand the Yeshiva’s existing facilities.


Building Renovation & Dedication

To accommodate its almost 700 talmidim, YOSS is embarking on a multifaceted renovation campaign to update, refurbish and expand the Yeshiva’s existing facilities – which in some cases are over 50 years old. Renovations will include adding classrooms, a gym and other important areas in the elementary building. Dedication opportunities are available at all levels to help support this pivotal campaign.

Dedication Opportunities

A Shabbos of Appreciation

Parshas Shemini

A special Shabbos will precede the yahrzeit to commemorate Rav Binyamin’s legacy together as a community. The commemorative weekend will feature drashos and events at the various shuls and institutions of Torah that he founded and helped develop throughout his lifetime.

RBK Memorial Dinner


On Sunday evening, April 15th, 2018 the 61st annual YOSS dinner will honor the legacy and memory of Rav Binyamin, its founding Rosh Yeshiva. As part of the central theme of the evening, a video presentation will take attendees on a historical look back at his incredible life of accomplishments and YOSS’s commitment to the future of education.

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Yahrzeit Tribute

2 Iyar 5778

Beginning the next evening, Monday, April 16th and continuing on Tuesday, April 17th there will be a Yahrtzeit commemoration for family, friends, community members and students at Yeshiva of South Shore. The tributes will include a Siyum Mishnayos and Divrei Hesped that will reflect on Rav Binyamin’s legacy of Middos Tovos, Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Hashem. The Menahalim of the Yeshiva will also be coordinating various memorial projects.


We invite you to join us in this exciting campaign. Together, let’s build our future.

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